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Amar Khamar has a comprehensive conception of quality. It aspires towards quality on various ends—environmental, social, and economic—through the process of production and doing business that it upholds. For Amar Khamar, earnings and profit, though very important, are only one aspect of a process whose overarching goal is all-round excellence.


Amar Khamar aspires to bring people together to collaboratein changing lives. It uses the power of virtual space to overcome the depersonalizing anonymity of the mass market—it connects the individual buyer to the individual producer with a name and identity. We believe that the personal nexus is important to promote trust, which contributes to quality.

Amar Khamar also represents community at another level—the community of producers. The women farmers cultivating our products are organized in Self-Help-Groups (SHGs),which empower through unity. Moreover, the social trust between the women in a SHG and their long-standing ties with their nodal marketing agency ensures the quality of our products.

Working with nature

The food we sell on Amar Khamar is produced following nature-oriented farming practices, i.e. without using genetically modified or modern hybrid seeds,toxic pesticides, or inorganic chemical fertilizers. All our farmers are trained in nature-oriented farming and use traditional seed varieties and resources that nature provides to improve the quality of the product. For example, our farmers use a particular liquid fertilizer, which they lovingly call mirakel (meaning "miracle") and which is known elsewhere in India as Jeevamrita.This the women produce out of cow dung, cow urine, molasses, rotten fruits, etc. It is a traditional organic fertilizer, which has become more potent as its preparation has evolved over time. Here at Amar Khamar, we put special emphasis on local, indigenous, and traditional plant and seed varieties. It is based on the understanding that the traditional varieties have gradually evolved in given local conditions and, therefore, are extremely well adapted to these conditions and have natural immunity to local pests. Hence, they constitute the basic pillar of sustainable farming. Moreover, the traditional varieties respond best to nature-oriented methods to produce yields in the full splendour of their flavour and fragrance.


Amar Khamar represents an initiative that grounds itself on sustainability. For us, sustainability has many meanings:

  • preserve bio diversity and natural resources in the process of production, thereby ensuring long-term benefits for the producer and the society at large.
  • Our farmers avoid the use of harmful chemicals that can adversely affect the health of present and future generations. Thereby, they help to preserve the health of the ecosystem.
  • We provide the consumers with the best quality so as to ensure health,satisfaction and create lasting bonds of trust via our wholesome products.
  • We encourage social structures like SHGs, cooperatives, and producer companies, which enhance the economic and social capital of members, allowing for more durable enterprise.


A sustainable and strong network only works if all stakeholders are treated fairly. However, in order for "fairness" to be more than just a word, the entire process of earning and distributing the revenue among for the different stakeholders must be completely transparent. Therefore, Amar Khamar ensures that the customer gets access to the farmer whose products she has bought. We make sure that the farmer receives a fair price for her daily hard work. We want producer and consumer to be on a level playing field and therefore offer the best products available at a collaborative price.


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