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Turmeric Powder - Turmeric

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Amar Khamar offers Turmeric powder - the essential spice for Indian cuisine at the best quality. Our powder has an intense orange-yellow colour and a distinct earthy aroma resembling pepper and mustard. Its fragrant is reminiscent of ginger and orange. The powder is produced from the root of Curcuma Longa plant, which belongs to the ginger family. To produce the powder, the roots, called rhizomes, are cooked, dried and grounded. In India, Turmeric has been used for at least the last 2500 years and is the basis for every curry. It adds a distinct intense yellow colour to a dish and is supposed to make the food more easily digestible. Turmeric is supposed to have medical properties and is traditionally used in Ayurvedic practice. It has shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, it is widely used for different purposes, such as alleviation of asthma and coughs, regulate diabetes and the treatment of liver diseases. This Tumeric is produced following nature-oriented farming practices, which means without using toxic pesticides or inorganic chemical fertilizers. All our farmers are trained in nature-oriented farming and use solely resources that nature provides to improve the quality of the product. We provide you the best quality to ensure health, satisfaction and create lasting bonds of trust via our wholesome products.

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