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Sadamota - Siddha - Thicker Rice Varieties

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Sadamota is a traditional variety commonly grown in the Sundarbans. As one might expect, it is salinity-tolerant. It is planted in the monsoon season and harvested in winter. The rice kernel (chaal) is distinctively white and the grain is on the thicker side, although not as thick as the name might suggest. Its taste might not appeal to those used to finer varieties of rice. However, it is tasteful in its own way and, like many other folk rice varieties, it provides much needed energy to people undertaking physical labour. This rice is produced following nature-oriented farming practices, which means without using toxic pesticides or inorganic chemical fertilizers. All our farmers are trained in nature-oriented farming and use solely traditional seed varieties and resources that nature provides to improve the quality of the product. We provide you the best quality to ensure health, satisfaction and create lasting bonds of trust via our wholesome products.

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