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The Idea

What is Amar Khamar?

Amar Khamar means 'my farm'. It is an initiative that utilizes the power of digital technology to connect you directly to our farmer, her farm, and its products.

At Amar Khamar, we bring to you products that our farmers have produced on their fields. We believe that food and food security is more than a business. Therefore, the farmers only sell the surplus portion of the produce that they and their families themselves consume. Our farmers do so gladly, for the food has been produced by environment-friendly methods of organic farming. At Amar Khamar you purchase a high quality product that it is produced in a natural way - almost as if you had grown it on your own.

Amar Khamar refuses to bring a nameless product to an anonymous mass market. On our platform you will get to know the farmer from whom you purchase the product and how the product is produced.

Why do I see mainly rice being sold here?

At the beginning, we decided to start with rice. For, rice is not only the primary cereal in the Bengali diet, it is the source of a whole variety of Bengali food—muri, chire, khoi, shoruchakli, chitoipithe, patishapta, payesh, and many others.

It is perhaps the most cardinal marker of Bengali culture and determines a whole range of symbolism and expression. It is one of our several aspirations that we will contribute to reviving the culture of rice in this part of the country. This we hope to do by widely disseminating information about the various indigenous varieties of rice, bred gradually over millennia by farmers of eastern India, perfectly adapted to local conditions and forming an integral part of the local cuisine. Some of these varieties have wonderful flavour and fragrance, others are simply delicious, and still others are bland and thick to the tongue but amazingly nutritious. We briefly describe the varieties here. Perhaps most of you will settle for the sure winners (the reputedly delicious varieties); others might develop a fondness for the more robust brands. But, we hope you will taste different varieties from time to time, experiment with them, and form your own opinion.

Besides rice, you will see that the farmers are selling as well Mung Dal, Tumeric powder and whole Tumeric. Soon we will be able to offer you more pulses and spices.

Who are these farmers?

Get a personal impression of our farmers here and on youtube .

All our farmers belong to SHGs or Farmer's Groups. This is because Amar Khamar is a social movement - we are offering poor farmers a new option to change their lives. Our initiative is embedded in a movement that has been going on in West Bengal, else where in India, and indeed all over the world, a movement to find ways to build community-based modules of sustainable living.

Each group of farmers is connected to nodal organisations like Mrittika Prayas which are responsible for the packaging and ensure our quality standards. Amar Khamar is the bridge to you, the customer, who will get to know which farmer supplied the purchased product. Thereby, you are able to know where exactly your food has been cultivated."


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