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The final shipping costs are dependent on your location and the location of the farmer. You will be shown the final price including the shipping costs once you have registered as a customer, ordered, and confirmed your address. The final shipping cost is displayed before making the payment.

We try to keep the shipping costs as low as possible. To give you an idea about the cost: if you have chosen a farmer from Mrittika Prayas and you are based in Kolkata, the shipping cost is 15 INR per KG.

The duration of shipping is dependent on your location and the location of the farmer. It is maximum 8 - 10 days, while in our experience the shipment is usually completed within 3 – 4 days after ordering. Once the packet is registered with the courier, you will be sent a link to track it.

No. Due to the nature of our products, they are non-returnable. However, if you have received a damaged or defective product or if it is not as described on website, you can raise a refund request by writing an email to:customer-care@amarkhamar.comwithin 2 days of delivery. A full refund will be provided within 30 days of raising the request.

Depending on the product, different sizes are available. For rice we currently offer one and two KG, for Mung Dal 500 Gram, one and two KG and for spices 500 Gram, one and two KG. But of course you can purchase multiple packets of one size to receive you desired quantity.

No. Unfortunately, we are not able yet to ship all over India. You can check if we ship to your pincode on the page of your desired product.

Feel free to give us a call and we'd be glad to help you: + 91 87773 85080 / 87776 26087

Currently we offer payment via debit or credit card, your bank, UPI (PayUMoney) or several wallets (FreeCharge, OLA Money, Airtel Money, Oxigen Wallet, Jio Money, PAYCASH CARD and YES PAY Wallet). Unfortunately, cash on delivery is not available yet.

You can cancel your order online within twenty-four (24) hours of placing the order and your total order amount will be refunded.Since, our farmers mostly operate on a small scale, the processing is done by hand and supplied from a remote location, an order cannot be cancelled once the period of 24 hours is exceeded.

To cancel your order, please log into your account and go to the 'My Orders' page. If the cancelling button is still visible, you haven't exceeded 24 hours. 24 hours after purchasing, the cancelling button isn't available any more. Once your cancellation request is created it will be processed by us as early as possible.

Yes. During the ordering process, you are asked to fill in the billing address. At the end of this field, you have the option to chose by marking or unmarking the blue box, if you want to have the same billing and shipping addresses. If you unmark the box, a new field opens, where you can fill in the shipping address.

We have three fine siddha varieties on sale—namely, Dudheswar, Chamarmani, and Rani Akanda. But most of the fine rice varieties on sale here are atap. That, on the one hand, is because of the general rice scenario. Most varieties designated as fine rice in India are also fragrant ones. Of course, we could have offered a larger number of siddha varieties had we opened our gates to commercially hybrid varieties. But, since that is out of question on this site, we are compelled to offer fewer varieties of fine siddha rice. In this context, do allow us to encourage you to try our atap varieties. Grown naturally and without any application of chemicals, they are living testimony to the unfair bad press that atap has received, particularly in West Bengal. Try atap often and re-discover delicacy in your daily meal.

However, if you must have siddha rice, please don't feel discouraged. First, do try some of the thicker varieties. Hogla, Gheus, and Talmugur in particular should appeal you. They, and particularly Talmugur, might call for a longer boiling time than Dudheswar or Chamarmani. However, many of you might find them more tasteful than the much advertised fine siddha varieties. We also assure you that we are constantly on the lookout of traditional fine varieties that do well as siddha rice.

Well, to surprise you a bit, one of the finest testimonials to the quality of our products is their less sparkling look. This means that during milling, they have been only less thoroughly "polished"—unlike in the case of the products targeted for the urban markets, which are polished much more thoroughly to attract the customer, who, woefully, has learned to buy "white and bright". Unfortunately, the more you polish the rice, the more its nutritive value is reduced. If you are seeing on our site grains with a yellowish look and with occasional red 'stains', you are seeing a less depleted grain. In fact, the whole grain, containing the bran and the embryo, is the most nutritious. This "brown rice" contains important vitamins and other nutrients and has less glycemic load per unit weight, which is why it is now a big hit. We are working to bring you this brown rice—dhenki chhanta chaal—at reasonable prices in the near future.

All farmers on Amar Khamar are organized in Self-Help-Groups or Farmers' Assistance Groups, which belong to and are represented by their Nodal Organisations. Nodal Organisations, like Mrittika Prayas (https://amarkhamar.com/mrittika_prayas.php), which was the first Nodal Organisation on the platform, are responsible for the quality checking, packaging and shipping of the product. Amar Khamar Agro Foundation runs the platform www.amarkhamar.com on which the Nodal Organisations are registered in order to offer small-scale farmers market access. Amar Khamar and all Nodal Organisations are non-for-profit organisations, which are dedicated to encourage nature-oriented farming methods and support the farmers in the best way.

At Amar Khamar we use technology to connect the farmers to you. Once you placed an order and chose the Farmer's Group, our system will chose among the farmers of the group offering the chosen product the one who hasn't sold in the longest time. We do this to ensure a fair procedure in which all farmers in a group sell regularly. The chosen farmer will receive an SMS with the ordering details. She will then bring the product to her nodal organisation from where the product will be checked for quality, properly packed for shipping and dispatched at the courier. Once it is with the courier you will receive a link and can track the shipment.

Yes. The farmers play the cardinal role.The prices are finally determined at meetings with representatives of each Nodal, who have discussed a fair price with the farmers previously. In the meetings, the representatives and marketing planners at Amar Khamar sit together to decide for each product: the price that the farmer will take, the operational costs of the Nodal Organisation, the operational costs for Amar Khamar, the packaging costs, the shipping costs, the courier cost, etc., all of which add up to make the final price for the product. The price structure is therefore defined by the initial price agreed by all farmers. Additional costs to the farmer's price serve to cover operational costs without making profit by the involved organisations.


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